Sunday, 9 August 2009

HIS Miracle, HIS Grace.........

Ermm, How to start?

I think today I will write a long message in Blog.

2009, is a very exciting year for me. Facing the real world, walking in a new path of life, enjoy God's grace in 2009. Quite pressure, yea, starting up our own business. Really wanted to thank God. We (me & my partner) felt that God is always be with us. A door closed, another door open. Is such a long long testimony.

Next few days, we will start the business at Tropicana City Mall, is a concept which is doing environmental friendly product which can fulfill the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle, and go green... A "great" mission for us is to make our country, Malaysia, have a healthier environment and penetrate environmental idea or concept to Malaysian. Our vision is to see Malaysia become one of the clean country on the earth. Is a HUGE vision huh?! But we just put that in mind "Do our part with our best." How many of them will response? I don't know. So many opinion from the people surround us, some of them said, "Yea, is a potential business, go ahead.", "Erm, how many people can accept la~ your product no bubble 1 wor,how to wash, people very hard to accept 1.", "Natural product very expensive 1, how people can afford?" or people will also said, "you may need some time to work on it, not easy, be passion."... But I trust that the quality of God's creation is the best. Here, we wanted to appreciate people that giving us support, not only spiritually, and also in action they help us a lot. Thanks all my friends. Deep in my heart, I really scare, worries, lack of confidence of myself, but another way, so many facts are motivating me.....

The story start on....
end of April 2009, Kath saw a very good product in TV news. She wanted to distribute it in Malaysia. It is Laundry Washing Ball, is a environmental friendly product. It can reduce usage of Laundry powder and softener, it is a very bad news for those chemical company, hehe... It convince my stubburn mom by itself, thats why I claim it very very good product. You must try.

May 2009, we tested, import and start distribute it to some aunty. It shows very good feedback. So we plan to put as consignment in pharmacy, before that we sell to laundry shop, some of them heard it before, some of them using it, some of them don't dare to try and some buy from us. June 2009, my cousin brother, the bring this product to Johor. His friends interested, and order bulk from us. Not only that, a rich man wanted to distribute in Johor. We so exciting, and quickly contact with the manufacturer, but 1 day, 2days, 3days, until another week he reply, the distributionship has been taken by a network marketing company, and they can't release the stock to us. How should I going to reply my customer? We are very upset, few days later, we tell the boss, we can't supply them because of the reason. Of course, they can not do anything on us. But I don't know how to face my cousin.
Between 2 days time, end of July, we come out this plan, called Natural & Eco Republic. we still stay in our early plan, distribute environmental friendly product. We find supplier, do research and search for a suitable location... At first, we need to confirm the location then we need to meet supplier, and plan to find designer and idea of deco.

Ok, now I want to share about how God bless us in this period:
1.) Location: Tropicana City Mall (started operate in 2009). We go trough an agent who take care of Tropicana City Mall kiosk. Her company just propose add 10 more kiosk in the mall and get comfirm then we call her and she discuss with management, and then we got it. The miracle is if we call earlier than that the agent don't have anymore space for us, if later than that the kiosk will be taken by others. Our timing is just nice. Praise the lord.

2.) Supplier: The manufacturer is a Christian own company. They give us very attractive support. At first, we all the way to the factory, and wanted to discuss to make lower the quantity, and ask to do our brand. These all are fulfill, we can do our brand in a small quantity order. We can't believe that. But this miracle happens. Praise the Lord. Not only that, the director give us a lot of support and keep us in prayer. Ohh mine....

3.) Actually we have no time to prepare everything on the 1 of August. We have only 2 weeks time to prepare everything. We rush and rush and rush. Yloon went to Korea and Bali, we wait for him to help us on silk screen bottle. Stocks are not complete. The time is too pack. But another miracle happens, one week before, the agent call us, "Kath arr, can you postpone? Because the contractor can't make the kiosk on time wor. Can you start your business on 15th of August?" Kath said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!". WAU, we have more time to prepare well. Praise the Lord!!!

Today, 5 days after, we will start our business. Now, we almost prepare everything to set up the kiosk. Thank God. Just now we bought a lot of furniture for the decoration of kiosk, an interior designer follow us to chose. Thanks ya. Next few days, we will enter the battle field.

I hope that all my friends can support us. We need your support. Thank you very Much.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Show me the way.

Quite some time did not drop any words here..

Start working.
Position : Sales Engineer
Product : Pneumatics

Feel stress when didn't get any inquiries back to office. Try all my best to visit prospect, but didn't get any good response. Actually, I like to be a business man. But just for my own job. Now started a small business. Stepping forward to another stage. Still have a long long path to move on. Continue study or not?! That what I struggling recently. An opportunity for me study further study in oversea but a lot to concern. I prayed always, ask God show the way that he wants me to go.

8th March 09
That's grace of God. I can't believe I could get a degree from UK. Thanks God. More picture in facebook.

Thanks for everything......

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Refresh in Cameron Highlands

Haha, yea, just come back from Cameron Highlands with Katherine and friends. 3days 2nights.. sounds crazy to stay in Cameron for 3days, haha.. For me, as long as got friends I am ok. Actually quite boring if you stay there for few days. Is nothing much to visit. Everywhere strawberry, catus, vegetables, tea... feel relax to stay in Cameron. Afternoon hot, night cold, fresh air.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

House of Victory 20th anniversary video.

Yea, have a long time didn't update my blog.. Reason is I spend my time in the video editing.. Is quite pressure to do editing, because it is showing in the 20th anniversary dinner.. But finally I complete and present..

I really wanted to say thanks to Kent(a director of 得胜英雄 movie), Joyce, Ben, Peter Su and etc etc.... They really help me a lot.. Kent give me a lot of advice when I was in Ipoh. Peter Su as well when I was in UK, he show me his previous video, haha, and get something from it. Joyci do naration. And Ben helps me to make "it" work.. haha

6months before I start planning to work it out. Is difficult for me, because I have never touch video editing before. Praise the Lord, finally, I get it done. But my dad said thats not really what he wants. Sigh, I can't make a video like national geography. Thats all I can do.

Here is the video. Share with you all, what House of Victory have did in 20years ago until today.

Monday, 18 August 2008


Yea, Have a long time didn't update my blog, cause of rushing report and preparing final exam. Ya, last week was an exciting week, submit assignment, exam, and I went to LONDON..haha.. It is up and down.

Today, new subject start. Is a Chinese lecturer from China. Hope to do well in this subject.

*Day 1 in London..

We reach Victoria station,London, on 7am. We have our breakfast in McD. Prepare to have a Big walk in London. " Hey, don't think that coffee is free, no such thing.."

We (5 of us) went to London for 3days 2nights. It is unforgettable.

I don't understand why they think that throw a pence in the pond your wish will come through. I also throw a pence in the pond, to leave something of mine in London.

Big Bang..(if you can't see it clearly please click on it..)

China Town.

Step on British Museum.

So happy to meet my dear friend Dongpo in London, he was an ex-classmate of mine in secondary school, he's from Beijing. 6years never see him. No change, he still friendly.. We used to play basketball in our school last time. This time, we met, and we play basketball together again, I so appreciate, he purposely go and buy a basketball to "challenge" me, haha... Just kidding.. He cook for me and we went out to have some drinks..

*Day 2
I woke up on 9am, and said good bye to Dongpo, and meet two lengzai from KL, guess who.. They are.. Marcus and Wenliang(a friend of primary school and FGA, he is Peter "Sei Dong" ) . haha, is a wonderful time to have coffee together. Yea, we have DIMSAM in china town as well, haha, finally, I ate in a restaurant, is my first time in UK. In Liverpool, I don't dare to eat in restaurant, is so expensive.

Marcus went to work, and Wenliang bring me to visit some place, like eye of London, London Bridge, Canden Town and etc..

Horse Tunnel Market. Selling antique inside.

Eye of London.This place is so romantic.

*Day 3 (Sunday)
We went to HILLSONG London. Wau, is so great. Worship, preaching are great. The preacher is from US. Although is a very simple message but the words are so powerful.

In this trip, I really feel like travel, relax. I didn't take much photo, but I will keep all the happy moment in mind. It's a very special experience in London.

Blogger problem, can't upload more picture..will update more..

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

What do you comprehend?

有何领悟?What do you comprehend?



**feel free to leave your comment.. Whats your feeling?Or you got any view? Maybe, its encouraging. These pictures I taken from my living place, and seems there is something, ermm, truth..? grasp..?feelings..?
Please let me know if you have any words to say..
Thanks a lot..

[1] There is my campus.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

happy time~


Yesterday we have a nice picnic in Otterspool, Liverpool. Only 3 of us, Peter Su, Lina and me(they are Malaysian, we know each other in church, Peter is my coursemate as well). Is an idea of Lina, she's never have picnic before. Regret to ask her prepare. She brought a can without opener, we try to make a hole on the can but can't, at last, Lina go and borrow a can opener. Without the tuna, we can't complete the meal, because that is the only main course, others are coleslaw, orange, bread, coke..


Otterspool is a riverside and have a big green field, suitable to flying kites, jogging, cycling, ball games, picnic...

New journey departing.

He is Peter, and the famous bull in Otterspool.

Thats the can..

Peter from Miri and Lina from Sibu. They was same church in Malaysia. 2 of them wear in same theme. I be the spotlight of them. Maybe Peter is time to go toilet now:P

Take some rest on the grass. Hot weather, but the grass is cold. Is so comfortable..

Actually, almost every weekends visit different place. But didn't spend much and see a lot of nice view. Yea, last Wednesday our Uni organize a trip to Jaguar Factory. The robotic arms are so fantastic, like human arm. Impressive. I so enjoy in this trip, because I gain some other knowledge in making a car.. They don't allow us to take photo, so we didn't take any.

Haha, Tell you guys, I went to Manchester last Friday. We went to Manchester City Football Stadium, and Manchester United Football Field. Finally, I step in Manchester United stadium, emm, not much feeling with it. Is just like reach a famous football club. Maybe MU fans will feel very happy when see their idol picture. My friends spend 7pound to have a tour in the museum and field, but I didn't have a change to have this tour, because I have to rush back to church, I need to lead worship on Friday service.hehe

Manchester city stadium

MU super Fan.


Everything expensive.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Hapi Birthday....Lu...

Happy Birthday to You..
Happy Birthday to You..
Happy Birthday to Katherine...
Happy Birthday to You..

Hope you like the song that I sang...Is especially for it in your memory..Its once in your life, will never happen again from me..:p


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Thank for arrange everything for me..

~My friends...
How's everything? Any good news for me?hehe..

Is really a crazy week for me.. Just submit an assignment.. My first time that burn midnight oil to do assignment.. haha.. Really have your feeling, dude.. Is so stress on doing it.. Sigh, actually I should finish it earlier, but...

...On last Saturday,12/7, there is an event called Wirral Event, is a place opposite of Liverpool, about 20mins to take a train to reach there. Actually is a fun fair.. But, is a HUGE fun fair that I never seen before. I went there with 2 of my course mate. In the photo you can see people mountain people sea. We reach there about 1pm, we miss some of the special program in the morning. But at least we enjoy 2:30pm show(you will see it on the picture), is so impressive.. Everyone sitting around the field and watch the performance. Feel very nice. The weather is very cold cause of windy, even sun is shine but because that place is at the seaside, there is windy. Actually my friend wanted to play one of the "game", but 1 round is about 3pound, quite expensive for him. Haha, why i didn't try once..? haha, actually I don't dare to play this kinda "games" is too dangerous. So we just walk around.I scare to play those "games", but Ah Lu, you know, she really crazy, last time we went to Sunway Lagoon with Yloon, Jerry, Adeline, Joseph Kuah... wau, that fellow pull me up to play the pirate ship, rover coaster.. Wah, that's the only once in my life, please don't put me in danger. She loves it very much<---danger women.. Boys, be careful maybe one day you will be the victim like me.ahhaa.

Ramai Orang ni...

I hope this is my helicopter so that I can fly back to Malaysia. But this is an air ambulance.

It is at the middle of the sea.

is very windy right here.

The Best in UK.Wau!!!

Thanks god, this year Liverpool is the capital of culture of European. So that a lot of event will be held in Liverpool. I come in the right time. Yesterday,19/7, there are Tall Ship Event in Albert dock and Warrington Dock in Liverpool. You know what is tall ship? Just look the picture. People there is terrible, they expected 500, 000 of people visit it, I tell you, I never experience that much of people in a place, go every where need to Q, is worth, this event is impressive, cause those are another things that we never seen before or step on it. Lucky we walk there early, if not, we will squeeze in the see of people. We never regret to be there, although we walk until our legs is pain, we walked about 5-6hours non-stop, maybe ladies is better than us, cause they always practice in shopping mall:p, I think I was well practice in Malaysia with Kath, but still can't stand the tiredness of my legs.. We get on to Navy and Tall Ship, and take some pictures.
On Navy

tall ship

He is so leng zai (the Horse)..

I felt that I come on this year is an arrangement from heaven, why I say that? It is because this year UK currency drop, even though the tuition fees is more than last badge, but we pay less than last year when we convert it from ringgit to pound, and Liverpool is the capital of culture of European. Wauu, is so "zheng" man.. I no need to waste too much money to visit other places, there are so many activities in Liverpool enough for me. hehe.. Praise the Lord.

Very tired already, tomorrow have class, so need to sleep now. See you guys.

God Bless You.